Applying CLIL approach in Higher Education


Kerly Jazmín Feijoó Rojas
Universidad Técnica de Babahoyo

Palabras clave:

Applying CLIL, Edication, APPROACH


The realization of this work has been developed with the objective of analyzing the application of the CLIL approach for teaching English with a specific purpose and scaffolding strategies with students from a third level in bilingual secretarial school at the technical university of Babahoyo.

This is the main reason that Bilingual secretarial school needs a change in the way to teach a foreign language through CLIL approach which is an exceptional alternative to integrate language and real-life contexts effectively in order to teach a foreign language in a spontaneous way. The main purpose of this volume is to design an intervention proposal based on the CLIL approach with the
support of scaffolding strategies in the seventh semester of Bilingual Secretarial School in order to provide teachers a guide to make easier the application of this new teaching approach.


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Kerly Jazmín Feijoó Rojas, Universidad Técnica de Babahoyo

Ingeniera en Gestión Empresarial, Máster Universitario en Educacion Bilingüe, Magíster en Educación Superior.



April 22, 2021



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